The products that we develop will help you to empower your business in various ways. The following products has been developed by us which can be easily customized to cater your various needs


1. Inventory Management & Goods Receipt

It involves dealing with stocks and managing them correctly, and it also deals with planning, entering and keeping all kinds of records involving goods movement. This project also includes making of a good receipt transaction on mobile devices.

Technology: Android, iOS

2. Mobile Issue Tracker

It is an android platform based mobile app which is really very helpful in managing issues generated from an ongoing project, providing users with the advantage of adding new issues and also viewing/ editing all of their issues with the help of their mobile or tablet.

Technology: Android, iOS

3. Warehouse Management

This project is designed in such a way that it provides excellent solution for warehouse management. It allows the user to manage warehouse inventory and also helps in calculating the space and capacity of the warehouse. It also comes with unique graphical representation and also enables the user with the power to file a complaint or to order a new stock.

Technology: Android, iOS

4. Weekly Status Report (WSR)

This application is very much useful in knowing and understanding the financial status of a company and also helps in analyzing the company’s financial performance of the current year as well as of last five years. It comes with interactive graphics, themes, templates and charts that enable the user to connect with the company in more advance level in order to achieve a fine level of transparency and coordination with the company.

Technology: Android, iOS

5. Work Manager

This application will empower you with great efficiency which will help you to manage and maintain your work properly. It provides all the details to its user; for example how to perform a set of operations required for any work order.

Technology: Android, iOS

6. End to End Human Resource Solution

Our HR Solution is a modern and powerful one stop product which is configured in such a way that it meets all our customers’ needs. It doesn’t really matter if your organization is a complex global enterprise, a growing mid-sized business, or somewhere in between, this software will help you to save time and effort and will enhance your company’s future in a better way. The services that are offered include:


    • HR processes like Payroll, Recruitment
    • Workforce Administration Solution
    • Performance Management System Competency Framework
    • Training & Development
    • Regional Payroll Solution
    • Salary Process
    • Hiring Process
    • Employee Appraisal Process
    • Training Process
    • Leave and Attendance
    • Employee information system.


It is very much affordable, implementable and quite strategic in nature.

Main Technology: DOT NET

7. Airline Management Systems

Our company’s main motive is to create an airline reservation system which meets the requirements of today’s modern day carrier. We have a deep airline domain and technology that offers traditional distribution connectivity which is fully built on a modern flexible platform. We also provide our customers with strategies that helps them to establish an successful enterprise and also helps them to achieve all their desirable goals.

Service that are offered by us includes:


    • Airline Reservation Systems
    • Booking Engine
    • Departure Control Systems
    • Flight Fare Apps
    • Mobility
    • Providing services across all core and non-core functional areas of an airline by applying legacies and modern technologies
    • Infrastructure services which includes the airlines and airport operations with also an assurance of continuous service level improvements
    • KPO services with focused domain offerings: Revenue accounting, fare filing and distribution, GDS and reservation systems support, loyalty bonus programs and so on
    • Providing a platform that not only incubates ideas but also implements those ideas in a conceptualize manner to solve business problems


Technology: DOT NET

8. Ecommerce Solution for Retail Chains

It provides eCommerce solution, unprecedented opportunities that provide our customers with the ability to compete more effectively by consolidating their efforts across multiple stores, warehouses and websites. It integrates with your POS software thus providing great experience to view of all of your sales, inventory and customers, whether they decide to buy online or in store. The services provided include:


    • To Add Products

      Enables you to import products from vendor catalogues or add them yourself.

    • Single Inventory

      This includes providing of a lower inventory costs by keeping inventory lean and also providing a medium to share the inventories between your physical and your online store.

    • Sell In-Store & Online

      All the complexities of shipping, sales tax and commissions are maintained and deducted from a single, local inventory.

    • Put an end to abandoned carts.

      It happens in most cases that even if someone is successful in generating traffic to their website they do not actually generate any revenue, this mainly happens because the majority of visitors to their website abandon their online shopping cart without doing any purchases.


While this abandonment of shopping cart cannot be prevented completely yet we have incorporated various methods and solutions that has proven to be very much helpful in converting a good proportion of abandoned shopping carts to completed online sales.

By sending follow-up email reminders or some friendly messages triggers shoppers to complete their sale.

By providing discount or waiver of shipping fees will make the shopper to reconsider their decision of abandoning an online shopping cart.

Technology: DOT NET/PHP

9. HOTEL Management APP

This application provides users with all in one reservation and accomodation management system including reservations, marketing and it is currently deployed across the globe.

It allows creating, editing and also deleting of user order.

You can navigate through available orders, and also email orders as well as assign tasks to employees.

Technologies: Android, iOS

10. Daily Expense Manager

Most people find it very difficult to keep track of their daily expenses, thus for them this application acts as a boon. It allows the user to keep records or tracks of all their expenses and budgets. They can view their expenses by date, category and payments and it also helps the user in finding ways on how to spend their money wisely.

Technologies: Android, iOS

11. Ecommerce APP for Retail

This app is a responsive app and is very useful in managing ecommerce. It provides facilities which includes searching based on all different categories adding of multiple products in cart, zooming of product images etc. It comes with multiple payment options like Net Banking, Credit Card and Cash on delivery. It also secures layer during payment gateway transaction.

It also serves as an open platform for users thus providing them with the chance to share news & pictures, and also giving them the opportunity to add comments and provide feedback.

The user can login from various social networking site which includes Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Technologies: Android, iOS