Staff Augmentation

Dedicated Hiring

When IT talent are to be considered the most difficult challenge faced by global organization is how to train and retain these experts and use their skills in well built platform. Thus to solve this ‘Staff Augmentation’ has become a necessity.

ALIQAN is a pioneer in ‘Staff Augmentation’ and with our decade over experience we can fully assure you that for all your services we will provide you with expert web developers, web designers, mobile app developers and SEO professionals, and they shall work for you around the clock to give you best results until you feel satisfied. We will provide you with skilled professionals and they will completely work under your directions and guidance in order to help you with making, managing, and developing your product or software applications as per your need without any complaints. You can hire them on part time basis, hourly basis or monthly basis as per your need.

We keep our customers or clients at forefront of every decision we make. The number of resources which are required for your project and the time limit will all be decided at your convenience. Communications are easily available by modes such as mobile phones, emails, live-chat, Skype and more. You can also track the progress rate by periodical reports.

Flexible Hiring

The new buzzword in today’s recruitment industry is “Flexible Hiring”. Due to this both the employer and the employee gets benefited, while the company gets expertise and knowledge as per their need, on the other hand the employee gets the benefit of working at flexible hours while pursuing some of their own passion or priorities. Flexible Hiring has become one of the most popular hiring systems these days providing the company and its employee the best of both worlds. It allows the company to hire talented and expert professionals from all around the world, for various durations, on terms and conditions which is beneficial to both the parties.ALIQAN technologies are one of the most trusted companies, and we enjoy huge referrals from our past and present clients, and due to our timely delivery we are growing at a phenomenal rate.We at our company hire flexible web developers, flexible application developers, flexible software developers, flexible programmers and staff to provide services for a 360 degree solution.
Or programmers and developers gets benefited by best career opportunities, sophisticates working atmosphere, live projects to work on, and huge compensation package.