These days in almost every business sector, Java/J2EE has managed to create a strong demand among software developers and programmers; by giving them the opportunity to create a whole range of exciting, interesting and innovative products which includes gaming as well as business applications.

At ALIQAN we employ professionals who pride themselves on being experts in Java/J2EE. Our Java based framework is very much secure, simple, dynamic, and easy to use with high quality interface.

Mobility Solutions (Android/IOS)

Mobile phones have become the most common as well as useful web access device these days. With recent development in technologies it has become like an unspoken rule to satisfy client’s requirements in form of mobiles or tablets. ALIQAN technologies help their clients through mobile apps development which is supported both by Android as well as IOS.

Microsoft ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET)

Microsoft ASP.Net is a revolutionary technology designed by Microsoft, and it is great for developing standard websites with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It was created with the sole purpose of encouraging developers to build web pages which are dynamic.

We have some extremely talented and smart designers, developers and programmers, and they can easily develop custom built controls for your ASP.NET applications.


PHP and MySQL are the two most leading technologies these days. If you are in need of web development solutions related to PHP/MySQL then ALIQAN is the place for you. We provide both cost effectiveness as well as high level performance in PHP developments, and also support our clients with database management software.

ERP (Peoplesoft)

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning has been adopted by many leading companies in recent years as it helps in providing them with higher level of productivity. The most basic benefit of ERP is that it helps in integrating disparate functions from human-capital management, and also by supplying chain management to customer relationship management. We help our clients in practicing ERP, by providing them with best quality service plans and timely support.


SharePoint is a web application framework that basically integrates content management and document management. At ALIQAN we deliberately use SharePoint as it helps us to organize information, people and projects in a more sophisticated manner. It makes quite easy for us to find answers and also helps us to connect with experts from all over the world.

DW/BI (Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence)

It is known a fact that having access to information is not at all helpful if you are unable to properly execute that information to solve your business problems. DW/BI or Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is nothing but a wide set of tools and technologies, that makes platforms for analytics, data mining and intelligent search, that enables organizations or companies to improve their quality of decision. Our people are expert in this field and they will provide you with best quality service and solutions thus making path for your company’s bright future.


Salesforce Inc. is a global cloud computing company having it’s headquarter in San Francisco, California. They are popular for their customer relationship management but recently they have managed to expand into commercial application of social networking through acquisition. At ALIQAN we offer our clients with customization of Salesforce. Our developers and programmers have been on this complex field for some years now and with their experience and expertise they will design the most cost-effective and efficient custom applications for you.

Open Source Applications

Open Source Applications has become quite viable in optimizing cost in recent years. We can provide you with key areas where you can get benefited by adopting Open Source Applications technology. Our team will provide you with best methods that will leverage you a lot on the cost front.

Diverse Solutions

We believe in providing diverse solutions to our clients which will enable them to take their company forward in the global market. We like to expand our services as far as possible to help our clients solve their problems.


Electronic Commerce or E-commerce is basically buying, trading and selling of products and services over an electronic network, such as the Internet. It also involves transmission of funds or data, Internet Marketing, online transaction processing, and electronic data interchange (EDI) via Internet. Our vision and mission is to create a vast E-commerce ecosystem which will enable us to maximize our client’s e-commerce experience and also help us to provide them with best quality digital solutions.


C/C++ is a programming language which is not only imperative but also object-oriented and it also provides the facility of low-level memory manipulation. Our developers have immense knowledge in these two programming languages and they believe in providing whats best for web infrastructure software industry to our clients.


It is an open-source software framework which is normally used to store big data and and also to share those data quickly with people who are in need of it. It is very popular and in demand as it allows solution to scale down quickly and in a quite cost-effective manner. We rely on Bigdata/Hadoop as it stores literally a huge amount of data, thus giving our clients a great opportunity to make use these data for their analysis and visualization as and when they require it. Its quite cost-effective thus our clients doesn’t have to loose a lot of money.



The Microsoft Foundation Class or MFC is basically a kind of library which is generally used for making application programs by programmers. It is quite time-effective since most of the codes are already written on it. We have some dedicated developers with extensive knowledge in MFC and they will be at your full service to attend your simple to complex application development requirements.


Win32 is built into Windows 95 and also Windows NT such that applications that rely on the API is able to run equally well in both the environments. Our development team combines their vast talent with Win32 API development in order to develop a rich quality product that exceeds our client’s expectations.


QT can be adressed as a cross-platform application framework which is generally used for developing application software which runs on various software and hardware platforms. It can be used as an open source or as a commercial base system. We make use of QT and its key functionalities to create websites, products and application, as it helps in providing a single code base for work.


wxWidgets is a library of C++ and it provides developers with single code base to create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and others. It is very extensive, and acts as an open-source for all kind of developers. We have some talented wxWidgets developers and they like creating fast, stable and very attractive applications which has a native look and feel.


Cocoa is Apple’s native API that powers OS, X and iOS. It is quite helpful for developers and programmers as it enables them to add animation, networking, native platform appearance and other classy behaviour to their applications by writing just a few lines of code. Our team is proficient in application development technologies which includes Cocoa.


Carbon provides enormous backward compatibility to those programs that runs on the now-obsolete Mac OS 8 and 9. Our team consists of some highly qualified Mac developers who has full knowledge in Carbon application development.

Objective C

It is an object oriented programming language which is used by Apple for the OS, X and iOS operating systems and their different APIs like Cocoa, Carbon etc. We have some expert professionals who have immense knowledge in this language and they uses their skills to develop applications which matches today’s global standards.